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At Raymond Landscaping, we offer a variety of superior quality Philadelphia lawn maintenance and Fall Cleanup, Tree Removal, and Snow Removal services.

Fall Clean-Ups

Landscaping Design and Installation The colder seasons bring new weather and different states of your Montgomery County vegetation. With Fall comes falling twigs and leaves which can leave debris scattered all around your yard. At Raymond Landscaping, we provide some of the best yard cleaning services available.More

Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Montgomery County Downed trees are common after a strong storm. Fallen trees can cause massive damage and can block driveways and roadways. Other times old trees can create a potential threat to safety and need to be removed immediately. We can get the job done right!More

Snow Removal

snow-removal-montgomery-county Snow removal is very important in the Montgomery County area. Aching backs, cold faces and hands, and slippery surfaces are complaints that we frequently hear in regards to do-it-yourself snow removal. Raymond Landscaping provides professional snow removal solutions. More

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscaping Design and Installation Choosing the right design for your landscaping can be difficult, which is where the assistance of an experienced design contractor can come into play. Landscaping is an involved process, and making the design you have imagined visualized can fall terribly short without proper planning.More

Tree & Bush Planting Installation

Tree and Bush Planting Installation If your Montgomery landscape is missing that perfect touch that accentuates its layout and design, then it may simply require the addition of a little more greenery. Carefully placed trees or bushes can serve as excellent points of accentuation for any Montgomery County lawn. More

Landscape Rock Design

Landscape Rock Design Adding rocks to your landscape can offer a very unique design opportunity for any home. Each and every stone is unique, which means no two designs will look the same, but this also adds a quality of unpredictability to the design when placing boulders and rocks. More

Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation An important aspect of improving the look and feel of your landscaping is seeing to it that you have the right mulch for your plant beds. Mulch not only accents the look of your plants, but it also acts as a protective layer over the soul, helping prevent erosion. More

We offer a wide variety of services to both residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia. We feature lawn maintenance services such as lawn cutting, mulching, weed removal, mowing, trimming, bush removal, shrub care, spring clean-up, and fall clean-up services.

Raymond Landscaping can also help to transform a plain yard area into a lush getaway. With hardscaping services such as patios, walkway, outdoor kitchen, and retaining wall development, we can turn your yard into an instant vacation!

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