Hardscaping Ideas For Montgomery County, PA

In Pennsylvania, we like to take advantage of the nice weather to the fullest extent possible. Hardscaping your Montgomery County home’s exterior can really make a difference on the quality of time you spend outdoors. It also adds beauty and value to the home, which may become important when you’re building equity value to borrow against or plan to sell.

In our minds, at Raymond Landscaping & Hardscaping, everyone who owns a home in Montgomery County should have a nice patio to enjoy. There’s just something about being able to have a nice cool drink on the patio, or enjoying time outside comfortably with family and friends. If you’ve been thinking about increasing your quality of life by building a patio or other exterior features, you’ll be looking around for hardscaping ideas.


If you don’t like the idea of a plain, boring concrete patio, there are lots of ideas you can choose from. Two very popular patio materials are natural stone and flagstone. Natural stone offers a durable surface that goes well with your landscape. The flagstone is naturally formed over a slow and gradual process of accumulating layers of sand, minerals, sediments, and clay.

If a natural stone patio won’t go well with your brick exterior, you can install a brick patio that compliments the brick of your home or matches it. Not all brick can be matched, but an experienced mason can help you come close. Pavers are another option that is popular. But be careful choosing something that looks right with your brick siding. Either way, this hardscaping project should enhance the exterior beauty of your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Better than a patio, an outdoor kitchen gives you full use of the space. There’s no need to traipse back and forth to the kitchen inside your home when you have everything you need right there to entertain any number of people you want.

You can have anything you like installed in your outdoor kitchen including grill, pizza oven, fireplace, refrigerator, wine cooler, sink, beverage cooler, and even a fully functional outdoor oven and stove. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it simple with a sink, counter, and grill.


There’s nothing worse than dragging dirt or mud into the house because you have no walkways or sidewalks. Walkways are an important part of hardscaping that you don’t want to leave out of the budget. There are key areas of your yard that you traverse regularly, so why not make it easy and clean to get there by building a walkway?

Your walkways can be made of the same material as your patio or other hardscape areas. It doesn’t have to be made of boring concrete unless you want to cut costs there and splurge on something more important. However, remember that walkways add to the aesthetic features of your landscape, so you may want to choose something that adds to it, not takes away from it.

Retaining Walls

Hardscaping often includes the construction of retaining walls for several purposes. They are constructed to various heights for specific purposes. Low retaining walls are great for lining flower beds, while high retaining walls may hold back the shoreline to waterfront property or serve as an entrance to your estate. The best feature of a retaining wall is that they keep soil from eroding away and control rainwater runoff. But they can also add to the beauty of your landscape.

For an old-world look, try stack stone walls. For a more modern look, try interlocking concrete blocks. Cut retaining wall stone is a beautiful compliment to any style home. If you want something great to go by the pool, use ceramic tile for a retaining wall.

Remember when hardscaping your Montgomery County home, you can create a unique exterior that doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. Your landscape is your canvas, so get creative. If you want an amazing design, call our Montgomery County hardscaping experts at Raymond Landscaping and we’ll come up with some ideas you’re sure to love!

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