Prettifying Your Patch of Montgomery County Grass

Philadelphia shrub care

Adding shrubs to pepper your Philadelphia lawn with is one of the best ways to prettify your lawn. You can choose among the wide array of shrubbery options to go with the overall look you have in mind. Think first of what overall impact you want your greenery to have. From there, you can then pinpoint the shrubs that will be able to achieve the look you are going for. For instance, you might want a lush line of azaleas to outline your lawn or perhaps some evergreen shrubs to create a serene atmosphere or effect.

After planting and installing the shrubs of your choice, Philadelphia shrub care will then be part of your lawncare and lawn maintenance concerns, with requirements of your shrubs differing depending on the season. Fall will need a different set of needs compared to spring or winter shrub care in Philadelphia, for instance, and you will need to add this to your consideration points.

Generally, shrubs are easy to care for, unless you place your shrubs in an area that it will outgrow. Space is what shrubs need, first and foremost. So make sure the shrubs you choose have the appropriate square footage needed for them to thrive. You also need to make sure you align your choice of shrubs with the amount of sunlight your patch receives or the specific areas in your lawn that receive the brightest rays of the sun. For instance, shrubs that want the full force of the sun will not thrive in partly shaded areas. You need to keep these in mind as well.

Pruning is another part of Philadelphia shrub care that is critical to consider. To make sure shrubs do not outgrow the area where they are planted, you need to prune them, usually with a shear or a saw. The tools that you choose must be sharp enough to achieve a straight and clean cut, without any of those ragged edges that are both unsightly and may not be good for your plants. Prune just above what people call the “branch collar” which is between the branch and the trunk. That is rich with growth cells and is best left intact, as this gives the shrub better chances of healthy growth.

Similarly, take note of the angle that you use when pruning, as this is another critical point for shrub care.  Use a 45-degree angle when you prune, since cutting on a flat direction may retain or hold water when it rains, which makes the area prone to disease. Rainwater slides off when you cut at an angle of 45 degrees. However, if you need to prune a larger area, like a 10 feet portion of a bush, use a saw on the main trunks of the bush.

Now, you may wonder, do I need to cover the area where I have made the cut? The answer is no, as long as you performed the pruning properly. An angled cut means that the branches will be able to heal properly and safely, without the possible damage wreaked by insects or disease.

If you are unsure about pruning your own shrubs or trees, it is best to consult a Philadelphia lawn maintenance professional. They will ensure your shrubs are well taken care of and save you from destroying your own plants with improper pruning.

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