Tips For Taking Care Of Your Yard Through The Winter

lawn care tips

When winter rolls around, many homeowners take this as an opportunity to take a break from their normal lawn care routine. While winter may be the time of year that most homeowners spend the least amount of time thinking about their lawn, but if you want a vibrant and lush lawn when spring rolls around, you might not want to forget about it entirely. While your winter lawn care regimen isn’t as involved as the it is in the spring and summer, there are still a few things you can do during the winter months that can ensure that when spring rolls back around, you will have a lush and beautiful yard once again.

Fertilize In The Winter

Late fall and early winter are some of the best times to fertilize cool season grasses. Since the majority of lawns in the country are comprised of these types of grasses, like Bermuda and bluegrass, it is probably safe to say that your lawn is made of a cool season blend. Before the first freeze every comes, it pays to give your lawn a thorough fertilizing to help replace all of the nutrients that your soil can lose over the course of the hot summer months. Once the weather takes a turn for the colder, this fertilizer will remain in the soil and work to feed your grass’ roots all winter long. When spring finally comes back around, you will have a lawn full of healthy, green grass that has been feeding all winter long.

Make Sure To Mow Low

During the last couple months of summer, you should be gradually lowering your mower each time you cut your lawn. Gradually shortening your grass like this will allow it to survive the winter better by not shocking it by cutting it all off at once. If you leave your grass too tall during the winter months, field mice and other burrowing animals might be tempted to use it as a warm place to sleep. Mice especially can destroy large parts of your lawn by burrowing and building nests, which in turn, will create dead spots in your lawn where they spend all of their time and pulling up large sections of grass to build their nests. Keeping your grass short during the winter will also help to protect any new growth that might be a bit more fragile towards the end of the growing season.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

It can be easy to leave certain items on your lawn during the course of the winter when no one is really spending as much time outside. Between stray logs, toys, and summer lawn furniture, you can have wind up having a lot of debris that just sits around on your lawn. It is important to make sure that you clear you lawn of all debris and objects after you mow it for the last time in the year. It is recommended that you do a sweep of it every couple of weeks during the winter as well to make sure nothing is just laying around.

Avoid Excess Lawn Traffic

When your lawn is short and brown, it can be easy for people to forget that they shouldn’t be walking on it. During the winter months, it is wise to prevent as much foot traffic on your lawn as at all possible. Grass is usually fairly resilient, but it can have a difficult time recovering from a path being worn into it over the course of the winter. Some general tips to help with this include keeping your sidewalk and walkways clean so people aren’t tempted to cut through your grass, and never let anyone park their vehicle on your grass. Turning your yard into a parking lot is the quickest way to ensure the death of your grass and make room for crabgrass and other types of weeds.

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