Types of Injuries Shrubs Can Suffer During the Winter


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Keeping your lawn and landscape in great shape is one of your biggest concerns, and your shrubs play a huge role in that. During the winter months, your shrubs may have suffered some damage thanks to the cold. The severity of winter damage in shrubs varies based on species, location, duration of exposure, and the fluctuation of temperatures that the plant experiences. Damage to your shrubs during the winter can also be caused by sun-scald, desiccation, or physical injury. You should wait until spring to have your shrubs treated for cold damage, when the plant’s damage and recovery can be thoroughly assessed.

The professional Montgomery County landscapers at Raymond Landscaping can provide you with any shrub care services that you need. We’ll help you assess the damage that’s occurred to your shrubs over the winter, then we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get them back into excellent condition.

Common Cold Injuries in Shrubs

  • The most apparent cold injuries in shrubs are physical injuries, like broke stems or branches. If any limbs are almost completely severed, they can typically be simply cut off as a proper treatment method.
  • Low temperatures in the early spring can cause some tissue damage to your shrub, which will affect the growth of the shrub and any flower buds.
  • Sun-scald can seem counter-intuitive as cold weather damage to shrubs, but it’s actually quite common, especially among younger plants. Bright, sunny winter days will accelerate temperatures on southern and southwestern sides of shrub, which will cause significant damage to the cambium. Tissue damage shows up as cracked bark with a reddish, darker appearance.

If you notice any problems with your shrubs after this winter, call our Montgomery County landscaping professionals for shrub care services. We’ll be able to identify the exact problems that your shrubs are experiencing, then we’ll find the best ways to treat those problems effectively and efficiently.

Treating Cold Damage in Shrubs

The first step to treat the damage that your shrubs have suffered is to assess the injury. Our professionals are extensively trained and experienced, so we’ll be able to quickly and accurately assess and diagnose the injuries of your Montgomery County home’s shrubs.

Any bent or broken limbs can most likely be handled without professional help, but it’s important to make sure that you do not over-prune your shrubs if you decide to take on this job on your own.

If any more serious damage has occurred to your shrubs, our Montgomery County landscaping professionals will provide you with high quality shrub care services that you can always depend on.

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